Murder in Pittsmeadow

Murder in Pittsmeadow
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Genres: Cozy, Mystery, Paranormal
ISBN: 9781726864510

A loveless marriage.
An unexpected death.
Everyone has secrets to keep.

The last thing Lt. Aaron March expected when he stumbled onto the scene of a fatal car accident was to be entangled in a mystery featuring his favorite author.

The last thing Laurel Wentworth expected when she opened her door to the handsome officer was to fall in love.

Laurel's habitually faithless husband - along with her best friend! - were killed in unusual circumstances. Conflicting evidence at the scene sweep Aaron and Laurel into a world of danger as violence and fear turn their lives upside down.

Can Laurel and Aaron use their unique psychic abilities to solve the mystery of her husband’s death - and find a future together - or will the killer have two more victims?

About the Book

Formerly titled “One Small Touch” this updated version tones down the language and other objectionable sections and answers some things that were not explained in the original.