6 Things You Never Knew About Vampires

  1. Stories about vampires have existed for a very long time. The Ancient Greek and Romans, Mesopotamians and even Hebrews had tales about demons or spirits who behaved much like the mythos of vampires today.

  2. Fangs weren’t prevalent in early vampire folklore.

  3. Placing seeds or sand on the ground near a grave of a suspected vampire was supposed to keep them occupied until morning since they were apparently OCD and felt compelled to count each grain.

  4. Folkloric vampires were not vulnerable to sunlight. They preferred the night but could move about by day without suffering.

  5. Silver not only affects werewolves but it is said to be able to harm vampires, too. Silver crosses were doubly effective.

  6. Contrary to the pasty vampires of the movies, originally it was said you could spot a vampire by its ruddy complexion. Suspected vampires had their graves desecrated and corpses with flushed skin or rosy cheeks were either beheaded or staked through the heart.