Thinking ahead

2013 was a topsy-turvy year.

I did a lot of things wrong.

I didn’t release a new book.

I didn’t write consistently.

I didn’t utilize my time wisely.

I spent far too much time on Facebook.

I didn’t complete NaNo…all three times I attempted it.

But I also did some things right as well.

I finished a short story for The Alexandria Winter Anthology 2013 (it’s about a werewolf, you should read it!)

I read lots of books on writing theory.

I reconnected with some longtime friends and made some great new ones.

I moved into a great new place in a wonderful neighborhood.

I started back to school.

Yes, you read that last item correctly.

I, a *mumblety-five mother of 3, have started college. Not only that, but I’m pursuing a double major. So maybe with the move and the start of classes I have some excuse for not getting much writing done this year. But I don’t accept that.

Quite frankly, I floundered. I let myself get stifled by fears of not being a good enough writer and the stress of having to produce something publishable.

So looking forward, I give myself permission to suck. I give myself leeway to produce unimaginable garbage only fit for the litter box. I give myself permission to write what I feel like and not what I think I ‘should’ be writing.

What I do not allow myself is permission to not write something. Even if it’s just a blog post like this. I’m writing again.

And it feels good.