Thinking Behind

Lately, I’ve been reflecting upon the past year. Things I have done, things I haven’t, things I definitely should have done better.

One of those things is this blog. I need to add content more often. I need to write more short stories. I need to…engage.

I struggle with what to say. There’s only so many times you can whine about stuff before you get sick of yourself. And if you’ve reached that point you’ve already alienated most of your audience.

I see bloggers who post everyday and their posts are so lively and entertaining, and I have no idea how they do it. Most days I’m too tired to do more than stare blankly at the screen while trying desperately to think of something….anything…to say.

So, today I decided I’m going to make a list. It’ll be as long as I can make it with as many ideas for posts I can come up with. And I’ll post at least one them a week.

Does anyone want to help me come up with some? 🙂