Recent updates

April held an unexpected surprise for my family. We got a terrific opportunity to move into a much larger house in an extremely nice neighborhood for roughly the same amount we had paying at the old place. No brainer right?

So my April plans for doing Camp Nano were derailed while we packed and cleaned and moved and unpacked and settled into our new area.

May, I thought! May I can do my own Camp Nano! So far that hasn’t worked out in my favor either. I have gotten some writing done but it’s really been sporadic. There’s just so much to do around the new place, new locks, new light fixtures, hanging things up, more unpacking, and all the cleaning. Plus, while the house is bigger it’s also noisier so I have a hard time getting into the ‘zone’.

But yesterday things changed. Our longterm houseguest left (he’d been staying with us since December) and I now get his room as my writing space. I can go in there and close the door and write to my heart’s content. And I only have to share my space with the cats, who’ve also laid claim to the space.

This should up my word count considerably. At least until the next guest arrives. 🙂