Changing Expectations

Writing is a different experience for each author.  And you find your expectations for your book can change many times. While writing, while editing and even after you’ve released it on an unsuspecting public……err published it.

With One Small Touch I didn’t know what to expect. The story changed every time I wrote. It started as a mystery. Morphed into a romance. And then morphed again to touch on the paranormal. So I’ve never really been sure what it was. Is it a romance? Is it a suspense/mystery? Can I properly call it a paranormal when it makes up so little of the story?

This lack of a clear definition disturbs me and makes marketing it difficult.

I also had expected it to contain a full-blown sex scene (or two or ten) at some point. But the story didn’t lead to that.

Part of the issue is that I ‘pantsed’ the story. Meaning I had no clear idea of the story before I started. All I had was a scene in an alley. An epilogue to the story that was at the very beginning. The rest of the story was supposed to lead to that point. But again, my expectations weren’t met and I wound up scrapping that initial start to my story and going in a completely different direction.

I had thought my heroine would be tough. Able to handle herself in a sticky situation. She wasn’t. She folded like a cheap suit when things got rough.

But you know what, all that’s ok. I’m proud of One Small Touch. It may not have been the story I had expected to write. It may not fit into any neat peg and the heroine may not kick anyone’s butt. But the story is engaging and the writing’s top notch.

Sometimes expectations aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.