On Writing Sequels

I read a book this week that was the third in the series. I don’t normally start a series with the third book, but this was a mystery series about a private detective so I didn’t think much of it. I should have. While the plot was interesting and the characters unique, the author didn’t feel the need to give any background on said characters.

One character I only know two things about, the main character trusted her enough to leave her pet with (I’m not even sure if it was a dog or cat) and this same character likes pictures of dead people. You can imagine how confusing this was to me.

Another character could have been an FBI agent or a mafioso. Again, I couldn’t tell you for sure. I thought he was one at the start of the book and the other by the end.

I did finish the book, the story was sufficiently interesting that I didn’t give up in disgust. But I’m very glad I picked it up as a freebie, if I had paid for it I’d be pretty peeved.

Still I must thank this author. It was a timely reminder to consider my audience and not just assume they’ll have read One Small Touch when I start working on Nicki and Kyle’s story.