Bookpulse is now one of my favorite things

Check out this great app I found for adding my books to my Facebook page! It’s called Bookpulse and it…well…how about I just show you?


Pretty cool right? It’s got the blurb, first chapter excerpt and sales link right there! Plus people can leave reviews! And for $15 a year I’ll be able to lose the Fans Favorite thing and add my other books (once they’re done, of course). If this were the only thing it did, I’d be in love, but it’s not.

You can add trivia, reviews from other sources and videos. But that’s not even the best part for me. There’s a widget that will post an image to your (or any other) timeline that when you click, it expands to show the blurb, excerpt and link to purchase RIGHT THERE. No mile long post with excerpts to annoy people. It’s elegant and beautiful.

Oh yeah, I’m definitely in love…