Setting Goals

I like schedules. I like planning them, fitting in everything I need to accomplish and watching it gel together into a workable whole. Something inside me is centered when I finish a well thought out schedule.

I stick with my shiny new schedule for a month or so until something happens and I get off-track. Generally this involves my husband, who does NOT like schedules. Then I flounder for a couple months until I dust off my timetable, spruce it up a bit, and take off again.

And the reason for this is simple. When I’m on a schedule, things are magic. The days flow by smoothly. The house gets cleaned. The kids are up bright and early doing their school and there is peace throughout the land because everyone knows what to expect. Well, aside from the inevitable griping because I’m making the kids get up early and do school, that is. 🙂

So naturally, I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish next year. I sat down with a calendar, some colored pencils and a pen to set some goals. Yes, I’m THAT person.

I started with December of this year because I’m planning on a December-November year. You’ll see why in a moment.

So here it is….my 2013 goals. Be gentle with it…it’s still got that new schedule smell to it.

December 2012

  • Start work on Night of Redemption again. Write 750 a day until first draft is finished.
  • Release One Small Touch. It’s getting a final proofread now.

January 2013

  • Second draft of Redemption
  • Third draft of Redemption


  • Start short story
  • Redemption to editor (tentative)


  • Second draft short story
  • Third draft short story


  • Short story to editor (possibly Redemption also)
  • 50k words, 30 days, 1 writer (probably my Fantasy story)


  • Final edits on Redemption
  • Final edits on short story


  • Release of short story
  • Start Dance (Kyle and Nicki’s story)


  • Write Dance


  • Second draft of Dance


  • Third draft of Dance


  • Release Redemption
  • Dance to editor
  • work on 50k words, 30 days, 1 writer


  • Final edits on Dance


  • Release Dance
  • Start Djinn or Charms



Looks doable, right?