NaNoWriMo derailed

The first day of Nano went well. I banged out the first chapter with relative ease. It was the second day when everything went to pieces.

NaNoWriMo Fever turned into an actual fever. My entire family got sick November 2 and we’ve been fighting it off ever since.

It’s been a pernicious illness that just this morning has hit my daughter hard. She’d managed to mostly avoid it until now. I say mostly because she had a bit of a stiff neck and her ears felt funny 3 days ago (among the first symptoms…sore throat being the main) but shook it off.

Not today. Today she’s got the sore throat and claims she’s dying. Poor kiddo.

I’m feeling better today. The horrible sinus pressure is currently absent. I’m still slightly feverish and my ears still feel gooey, but I’m going to try and get some writing done. I may not win NaNo but I’m going to keep plugging along.


In other news…I got the edits for One Small Touch back yesterday. I’ll post about that later today. 🙂