Nanowrimo Fever

Yeah, I swore I’d never do another Nano.

Yeah, I asked someone to kick me if I mentioned it again.

Yeah, I’m trying it again. And the big reason is because I finally finished One Small Touch. (Disclaimer: by finished I mean I’ve sent it off to my editor. I’ve not done the final edits yet.)

Yes, I finished my first novel. Since I’ve proved I can complete one…I surely can beat Nano, right? To help me accomplish this, I have come up with this foolproof plan.

I have nothing in my mind whatsoever.

See, before, I always had an idea of what I was going to write, how the characters would be, what everything smelled like. One year I even did an outline! *shudder

After the first week my expectations for the story were strangling me. Nothing was going right and I found myself unable to write at all. I finally collapsed under the weight of missed deadlines.

This time, I have absolutely no expectations. I shall go in and write whatever comes from my fertile little mind. It shall be glorious. It shall be freeing. It shall be garbage.

This year, I’ve given myself permission to write the most god-awful piece of crap ever. Then I shall put it a file and forget about it. Because this year, Nano is about freedom to suck.

And the only plan I have is to enjoy every minute of it.