The Art of Romance

I admit it. I’m not a flowers and perfume sort of girl. And I don’t find a gift of chocolate particularly romantic. Especially if it comes in a bag (although I am appreciative once a month when my husband hands me one, I think he does so in the interests of self-preservation ;)).

I do love candles – there’s something soothing about their flickering light – but most of the traditional romantic gifts leave me cold.

So what’s a semi-romantic guy do when saddled with a girl like me? If you’re my husband you buy gadgets. Ipods, Kindles, upgrades to my computer…those are guaranteed to get my motor running.

A new game or an Amazon gift certificate is the way to my heart. And it’s not because I’m material, it’s just because this sort of gift is practical (and therefore not a waste of money).

One unpractical gift that did elicit a girlish squeal was the gift of a gold-plated rose. It was something truly special and unique and I loved it dearly. Plus I appreciated the effort to find something that’s not at the corner gas station.

This is something I try to keep in mind while writing. Each girl is an individual and what triggers a romantic response in one will leave another feeling let down. It’s when my hero does something truly special that the magic happens…and that’s what we’re all waiting for when we read a romance, right?