10 paranormal creatures you may not have thought to write about

If you look at any list of paranormal romance books you’ll see a preponderance of werewolf and vampire stories. Which is a shame because there’s a slew of other paranormal themes and creatures to choose from.

  1. Mind Magic User – You know, telepathy, clairvoyance etc. Sex is fantastic when you can read the mind of your partner. AmIrite?

  2. Magic User – Witch, warlock, zombie priestess, magi. They’re all in touch with powerful forces and what could be better than having sex on a cloud?

  3. Gargoyle – Yeah, not your common subject for a romance but Marjorie M. Liu managed to pull it off nicely in a couple books in the Dirk and Steele Series.

  4. Fae – aka fairies, elves, or even leprechauns. Mischief and mayhem can delight these magical creatures. Powerful and wise, their motives don’t always mesh with humans.

  5. Angel – Romancing an Angel, or having one romance you, could have unexpected consequences for you both.

  6. Ghost – Seems doomed from the start but a creative mind could come up with multiple ways to overcome the issues. Check out the movie High Spirits
    if you need some ideas.

  7. Mermaid – Love on the waves. Need I say more? Ok…so maybe you need a slightly more in depth storyline than Little Mermaid. Put your mind to it and see what you come up with.

  8. Succubus/Incubus – Demons designed for seduction. I get chills just thinking of the possibilities.

  9. Djinn – aka genies. Be careful what you wish for, djinn aren’t known for their helpful dispositions.

  10. Shapeshifter – Yes, I know this sounds like a werewolf. You just need to expand your mind a little. Unicorns, dragons, big cats, bears….anything could make a fantastic shifter story.

Don’t limit your imagination by sticking with popular (and somewhat stale) stereotypes of paranormal stories. Expand your horizons….and let your characters spread their wings.

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  1. I’m really not into all the vampire books/movies around so it’s nice to see writings about other themes.

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