An hour and a half feels so write….

Here’s a snapshot of what an hour or so of writing is like for me. Feel free to laugh, I know I do.

2:00 – Sit down to write. Absently pick up my cup to take a drink while I focus on where I’m at in the story. The cup is empty. Head to the kitchen for more water.

2:04 – Sit down to write. Send a quick message to Shanti since we were going to write together today. No answer. I start writing.

2:05 – What is that horrid music coming from Pandora? Close browser on the opposite monitor so I can hit the down thumb (I use the Pandora gadget). Yuck this song is just as bad. Click again. Pandora is giving me garbage! Change the station. That’s better…

2:07 – The dogs are barking frantically at something. I go investigate. It’s a kid on a skateboard. I tell them to stop being dumbasses.

2:10 – I message Shanti again. Still no answer. I start writing.

2:15 – Shanti’s here. Yay! It’s so much more fun to write when you have a buddy. We discuss which of her various stories she wants to work on today. Nothing appeals so she rolls a die. Her succubus story wins. This eats up about 15 minutes. I do some writing in between messages but not much.

2:30 – Finally some solid writing gets done. I’m please with how things are going.

2:40 – We have a discussion on where we’re going with our stories. Send a couple excerpts that we’ve written.

2:45 – More solid writing time.

3:18 – I can’t connect to I’ve used the word cold 3 times in this chapter and it bugs me. Send a message to Shanti to see if she can connect. She can’t.

3:20 – My desktop version of Visual Thesaurus hadn’t gotten reinstalled when I redid my hard drive. Install. Fail. Try again. Error. WTF.

3:22 – Shanti has guests coming and has to go. I search the web trying to find out why the install failed. I try several more times. Still not working.

3:25 – I notice that Visual Thesaurus has a widget for blogs. I surf to my site and add it. The size isn’t right. I adjust. I adjust again. I adjust again.

3:27 – I don’t like the widget on that side. I move it. Now the rest are wrong. I move them all. Nope. I move tham all again. Ahh…that looks good.

3:29 – Pop-up box appears asking if the program installed properly. Took it’s time! I click no, the install starts and works this time. Yay! I find an appropriate new word and start working again.

3:35 – The browser is open again on my second monitor and I see a status update from Veet on FB. This reminds me that I need to do my legs again before we go to the store. I stop writing and go into the bathroom.

So there you have it. A snapshot of my life. This was actually fairly tranquil for me because the kids are visiting their grandparents, the dogs were pottied and fed before I sat down and my husband was napping. Are you laughing at me yet? 🙂

10 thoughts on “An hour and a half feels so write….”

    1. Isn’t it? And yet surprisingly, while I only added around 200 words yesterday, I’m pleased. Despite the distractions the words flowed smoothly for the first time in months. 🙂

    1. My kitties were sleeping then, too. Otherwise I would have had an interlude somewhere in there where one of them jumped on my desk and demanded to be loved on. 🙂

  1. Loved this! I can so relate. I work full time and find my writing time comes in increments of 20-40 minutes here and there. I have a pretty big [writing] project in mind to finish before the Fall, so need to make either a) more time (hah!), or b) be more productive with the time I have.

    1. For whatever reason, I find I’m most easily distracted when I’m writing. It’s like my mind shies away from exposing myself too much. 🙂

  2. Kind of sounds very similar to most of my writing sessions in the summer, right down to having to get up to see what the dog is barking at. Usually a neighbor kid looking for my kid, who’s already out running around the neighborhood. I actually write more words if I sit at the kitchen table with a notebook and pen.

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