Z is for Zen

Oh A to Z Challenge, I’ve enjoyed you thoroughly, but now our time is at an end. We’ve hit Z and reaching the end of this month-long blogfest has been a huge accomplishment for a former dabbler like me.

I’m rather proud of myself for sticking to it. When I started I didn’t expect to like the project as much as I did. And I definitely thought I’d get wrapped up in other projects and the Challenge would be a low priority. But I thrived on thinking of appropriate topics and for many letters I considered and discarded multiple ideas before finally choosing the one I did. And while I may have tapped the bell multiple times on when my posts were published, it wasn’t from lack of interest but because I was having trouble deciding what to say.

Some of my blogs weren’t very good. Some had bad grammar and poor punctuation. Some were short, some were snide, some were on surprising topics. But I hope they all entertained.

I’m at peace with what I had to say, regardless.

Next month I’ll be doing the StoryADay challenge. I won’t actually be writing a story a day, though. My current plan is to post on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

I expect most of the stories will be very rough and rather short. But they will be stories, not some random post.

I hope you come back and see what I come up with. But if not I’ve enjoyed our A to Z time together.

I have Zen.