X is for X-files

X is darn hard to do a topic on, ya know? I guess I could have gone with X-rated but once you say everyone’s naked and do squishy things to each other, what’s left to say?

Besides, x-rated isn’t very romantic. Or paranormal. Or well written.

So, why x-files instead?

Well, in the broadest terms X-files are files on weird stuff. And who better to have collected those odd bits of detritus than a budding author? So here’s a sample of my many bookmarks:

Periodic Table of Videos

Virgin Islands Daily News

20 Must Haves in Your Car Emergency Kit

Photoshop Tutorials

MegaMillions Number Analysis

Stocking Your Pantry

Draw A Stickman

Krispy Kreme Donut Recipe

Random Plot Generator – Funny and Entertaining

How Stuff Works

Reverse Dictionary

Square Foot Gardening

Project Gutenberg

The Emotion Thesaurus”

American Museum of Natural History Ology Page

Quit a mix, eh? That’s not nearly all my bookmarks, of course. Just the most entertaining and informative of them.

What off-the-wall bookmarks do you have and would like to share?

One thought on “X is for X-files”

  1. X-Files have been popular today! I have a 150 year old dictionary bookmarked. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs in April. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com

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