U is for Unstuck

Not to be confused with unglued, which is another state I’m in occasionally, unstuck is a condition I wish I was in.

I’m stuck on One Small Touch. The story isn’t gripping me and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve over-thought it and lost that spontaneity or I’m just burnt out on the story right now. It’s got some really good elements to it and when I loaded it onto my kindle last month and re-read it I was pleasantly surprised at how good a lot of it read.

It should be easy to finish it up and publish, right? Only I can’t bring myself to work on it. I had a mini-breakthrough a couple weeks ago and added some to it but the burst of enthusiasm didn’t stay around to finish the job.

We moved in February, do you think my muse just can’t find the new house? Or maybe she’s still in one of the many unpacked boxes in the garage?

Whatever the cause, I need to get unstuck. So next month I’ll be participating in the Story A Day blog challenge (http://storyaday.org/). I figure I’ll either get myself unstuck or have a psychotic episode.

Either way I’ll have fodder for my stories, right?

4 thoughts on “U is for Unstuck”

  1. I have exactly the same problem. I’m going through the final edit and had to make a calendar to keep track of events. When I did I realized that there is a sustantial amount of time unaccounted for. Crap! Then the whole boyfriend thing happened and I lost my mind. It is slowly coming back, but on another track. I keep getting ideas for the YA book. Of course they’re things that happen further in the story instead of where I should be so this is rather unproductive too. Aaaaargh!

    1. Write them down anyway. No one ever said you had to start a story from the beginning. And it might take you in unexpected directions to start in the middle. You might just find that’s where you needed to start afterall. 🙂

      1. I have been, sorta. When I can get the kids to shut up. It is hard to put yourself in the frame of mind of waking up in the arms of a guy you thought you couldn’t stand, but found there were odd feelings in your stomach when you looked at him, when the kids keep talking at you.

        1. Don’t I know it! They have an uncanny knack for knowing the absolute perfect moment to distract you from a…ahem…racy…scene. And then the scene is that much harder to write because you’ve lost that groove.

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