Oooo, double T. Alliteration for the win!

Tantalizing Temptations.

I’ve got goosebumps. Let’s say it again.

Tantalizing Temptations.

Those two words together evoke quite a thunderstorm of response, don’t they? There’s desire, passion, heat, longing, candles, massage oils, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

There’s a touch of the forbidden as well. Or at least mildly scandalous.

They make you think of touches, licks, massages, steamy showers and pleasure.

Attraction and fascination.

Tantalizing Temptations are irresistible, mesmerizing, and stimulating.

They whisper in your ear and tease you with exquisite torture.

Have you had your Tantalizing Temptation today?

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  • Lucy Adams

    Oh my. Am I supposed to be reading this?


    • Denise

      Depends on the condition of your heart, I guess.

      And yes, there’s a double meaning there. 😉

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