P is for Paranormal Romance

What is paranormal romance?

Simply put, it’s a romance which focuses on the development of the relationship between a ‘normal’ person and a person who is ‘beyond normal’, ie paranormal. The paranormal partner can be anything from the traditional vampire, to a witch/wizard, to a fairy, to just about any other figure from folklore or mythology.

Their story typically takes place in the modern world and the friction caused by the meshing of their two worlds (mundane and magical) is generally the relationship struggle which needs to be resolved. There might be other elements involved but the essence of the tale is a love story.

But how boring that all sounds. Who wants to read a novel that can be described with words like mundane, relationship struggle, and elements?

Well, I do for one. Especially when they’re written by people like Marjorie M. Liu and Christine Feehan. In their capable and talented hands transform the mundane into something quite special.

And sexy. Did I mention that?

Yes, sex is a key component to both their stories, but, since they are stories, it’s not the only component. You could take away the sex scenes and still have a wonderful tale to read, full of mystery and suspense. But really, where’s the fun in that?

And don’t be fooled by the gothic tales of vampires or werewolves. Some of the best of them don’t involve either and are set in a normal seeming town and involve normal seeming people.