N is for Names

I have a thing about names. It dates back to the first time I fired up Mordor II and it asked for a name. I chose and discarded 15 names before I found one that ‘fit’. It’s been like that with every game I’ve played since and since I play a lot of massive multi-player online games the sequence of events goes something like this.

  1. install game
  2. log in
  3. create my character – this includes customizing as far as the game will allow. Some games offer a lot more features than others.
  4. come up with a name – this sometimes takes a while
  5. log in
  6. decide I hate the name after all
  7. delete character and start all over again at step 3

Small wonder my husband tells me to get started at least 30 minutes before he logs in.

Call me crazy (go ahead, I’m used to it) but I cannot play with a character name that doesn’t fit. And each character definitely has their own personality too. I’ve kept a list of names I’ve liked but didn’t fit the character I was making and managed to successfully marry it to a new creation later on.

I do the same thing when I’m writing. The main female character in One Small Touch was named Amanda at first. Then she was Nikki (which name I wound up using for a secondary character), Lauren, Stephanie, and finally Laurel. I’m happy with Laurel. It suits her very well and while the other names are just fine on their own and I might end up using one or more at another time, they didn’t fit Laurel’s personality.

And that’s what it’s really all about, capturing the personality of your characters and putting it into words.