M is for Massage

There are few things more romantic than a full body massage by your partner. Throw in some tasty oils and you’ve got an evening you won’t soon forget.

Lighting candles can add a nice ambiance to the night as well, just don’t forget to blow them out before tumbling into sleep. Scented ones can be especially soothing. Try to pick scents that compliment your oils instead of competing with them.

You don’t have to break the bank on expensive oils, btw. A nice almond oil works great. And the smell is incredible.

There’s an art to a romantic massage. Lingering fingers are a must as muscles are stroked and soothed. The goal is to have your partner both aroused and relaxed when the massage is finished. If you even get to finish it.

So enjoy a romantic evening at home and do something special for your partner. You’ll both be happy you did.

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