G is for Grammar

Mine is dreadful. I know this. Especially in my blog posts and on Facebook.

I just can’t bring myself to worry too much about rules when I’m responding to such things as the latest meme from George Takei or commenting on a post about dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

As for my blogs, you’ve probably noticed they’re completely off the cuff. I barely proofread them let alone do a full edit on them. I prefer to think of them as being folksy and real. I can delude myself extremely well at times.

I do have a few rules of my own. Here are some in random order.

  1. No text speak. Ever.
  2. Spelling is important. I may mangle the order my words go in and have dangling modifiers by the dozens but they’ll be spelled right.
  3. I adore cliches. Deal with it. In fact, Night of Redemption was originally started for a cliche story contest and all the cliches are still there in all their clichey glory.
  4. I like to make up words like clichey. This oddly doesn’t clash with my horror of the misspelled word.
  5. I like to use big words. And I use them in everyday conversations as well.
  6. Puns make me laugh. And my son is a champ at using them, he’s got a wicked sense of humor and I love him for it.
  7. Dot dot dot is a perfectly acceptable way to finish a sentence when you’re inviting commentary…

Don’t worry about my novels, though. Those will be edited by a professional so my quirks will be diminished if not outright eradicated. 🙂

2 thoughts on “G is for Grammar”

  1. These are fantastic. I’m with you on number 1.

    I really hate when people feel the need to add a qualifier to an absolute, like “very silent” or “very perfect”.

    I’ll end with an ellipsis to invite commentary…

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