B is for Bad Habits

I admit to having a few bad habits. No, not nun habits! Things I do that aren’t good for my inner child, or something.

Honestly, who doesn’t have a few? They’re what makes us unique, special, and interesting.

Well some bad habits do, others are just revolting. But since this is a happy post we’ll pretend those don’t exist, k?

My personal bad habits? I’m a champeen procrastinator. Truly. I know this because I did ‘research’ for this post by playing FB games. See how I justify?

In a little bit I’ll go clean the kitchen, start a load of laundry and even exercise, EXERCISE!, so I can put off writing just a little bit longer. Sad the depths we’ll sink to, isn’t it? Cleaning house? When did that ever become my first choice of activity?

It all comes from telling myself I HAVE to do something. There’s some lingering childhood BS there somewhere, when I can make myself feel writing (something I truly enjoy!) is work to be avoided.

So, countering techniques?

The one I’ve been trying recently is giving myself a choice. I tell myself I’m going be writing at noon. There’s no choice there. BUT I can choose between One Small Touch or Night of Redemption (which is why I added word counters for both). This takes off the pressure of “Ugh, I HAVE to write 1500 more words in this chapter and it’s such a bore!” And makes it “Which story is calling me today? Ooh, I feel Laurel talking, let’s see what she’s saying!”

Admittedly, it’s not a perfect solution but it’s allowing me to feel that happiness in writing once more. Now I just need to get into the GOOD habit of writing everyday again.

Does anyone have any other solutions for battling procrastination?

4 thoughts on “B is for Bad Habits”

  1. I think my problem is the opposite. I try to use writing as a ‘reward’ for accomplishing other things… so LOTS of other things get accomplished, and very little writing takes place, because by the time I’ve ‘earned’ the reward, I’m too worn out to collect it!

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