A is for Apparition

Ghosts! They very name can cause a chill to ooze down your back like leftover jam. Or something else oozy and chilly, but maybe not so sticky.

But what if you fell in love with one? One of the cognizant ones, not a repeater…that’d be weird.

Can you imagine the agony of knowing you were separated by fate….and a little thing like one of you dying…before you could meet in real life? How would you touch? What would you both feel?

How would a problem like this be resolved? Dying for love sounds romantic until you get into that whole WTF did I do thing.

Plus there’s no guarantee you’d wind up together haunting the same place. What if you went to heaven (or hell as the case may be) and the love of your life was stuck in limbo in some castle. (Naturally it’s a castle, it’s a rule somewhere they have to be haunted before they’re allowed the name ‘castle’, you know.)

I suppose you could go the High Spirits route. You find some way to make your love alive again. Of course, someone had to die first, so there’s a complication already.

Then there’s The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Memory tampering is acceptable behavior from a ghost, I guess. At least that’s what I got from that movie. I haven’t tried it myself yet.

So what’s the answer? I haven’t a clue. This is a story I haven’t written…yet. 🙂

One thought on “A is for Apparition”

  1. That is a VERY good question! I’d think that the ghost and the person would spend years of love, with the heartbreak of not being able to truly be together before the person would finally die (either by their own hand, to be with their lover or at an old age). And what if the person was the master/mistress of the castle and had a family already before he/she meets the ghost? The person lives a double life, one of the proper master/mistress of the castle and the other the lover of the castle ghost…

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