Think ahead. Don’t let day-to-day operations drive out planning. ~Donald Rumsfeld

I’ve been doing a lot of planning lately. And some re-planning. I went back and re-outlined my book entirely. Changed where some scenes were, identified where new ones were needed and changed the basic premise quite a bit. I believe I mentioned the change in focus in a previous entry.

I’ve also been planning for the future. By that I mean I’ve been planning to be a writing success. This may seem a little cheeky, especially since I haven’t published anything yet, but it only makes sense. Why would I plan to fail? đŸ™‚

Seriously, the time to think about internet presence, taxes, charities, bills, editing, covers, etc. is BEFORE they’re needed. Especially when it comes to things you need other people for, the last thing you need once your Great American Novel is finished is to be waiting on the cover artist to have time to hook you up, or for your editor to be able to fit you into their busy schedule….3 months from now.

So I’ve been thinking about things like taxes and opening new checking and savings accounts just for my writing. Thinking about a possible release date (my birthday – June 24th – sounds workable right now). I set up a Facebook page and this website. I’m asking questions and keeping track of helpful answers on things like publicity and what to expect at first.

And while doing all this thinking about things publishing related, I’m plugging away at the actual story. Adding, refining, tightening. Planning to succeed.