R is for Research

I did a blog for K about Knowledge and you might be tempted to think this is more of the same but, to my mind anyway, research is what you do when you don’t know the answer already. Knowledge is knowledge. You either know it or you don’t. And the only way to know it…is … Read more

G is for Grammar

Mine is dreadful. I know this. Especially in my blog posts and on Facebook. I just can’t bring myself to worry too much about rules when I’m responding to such things as the latest meme from George Takei or commenting on a post about dinner at Mellow Mushroom. As for my blogs, you’ve probably noticed … Read more

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done. ~Steven Wright

Ok, so I’ve gotten slightly farther than that. Last count I was at a little over 31k words. On this story. I’ve started 2 other novels and a novella as well in the last year. None are closer to being done than my ‘mysterical/romance’ which is in reality a paranormal romance. May as well call … Read more

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