Oct 162012
Nanowrimo Fever

Yeah, I swore I’d never do another Nano. Yeah, I asked someone to kick me if I mentioned it again. Yeah, I’m trying it again. And the big reason is because I finally finished One Small Touch. (Disclaimer: by finished I mean I’ve sent it off to my editor. I’ve not done the final edits [...]

Sep 162012
What Makes a Woman

It’s not the clothes she wears or the cut of her hair. It’s not the job she does or the child she was. Its the look in her eyes so calm and so wise. That makes her a woman. It’s the confidence to say at the end of the day ‘I did it my way [...]

Aug 222012

Thank you, Kai Wilson, for tagging me. This promises to be a lot of fun. So here are my answers to the questions: What is the working title of your book? One Small Touch Where did the idea come from for the book? This story has evolved over time. It started as a mystery novel [...]

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Aug 022012
Night of Redemption blurb

First version of the blurb for my werewolf story. I’m hoping to have it out before October. Thoughts? OIL AND WATER He’s a werewolf. She’s a vampire hunter. He’s quick with a joke. She’s serious as a heart attack. When the two of them come together…love really bites. Night of Redemption, a cliched short story.