Mar 132013
Changing Expectations

Writing is a different experience for each author.  And you find your expectations for your book can change many times. While writing, while editing and even after you’ve released it on an unsuspecting public……err published it. With One Small Touch I didn’t know what to expect. The story changed every time I wrote. It started [...]

Feb 182013
On Writing Sequels

I read a book this week that was the third in the series. I don’t normally start a series with the third book, but this was a mystery series about a private detective so I didn’t think much of it. I should have. While the plot was interesting and the characters unique, the author didn’t [...]

Feb 012013
Free days results (and some really fantastic comments)!

As you know, I offered One Small Touch for free on Tuesday and Wednesday. In my opinion, I had a fantastic run. I had 1725 downloads that spanned every country Amazon is available in except Brazil.  It’s not the stratospheric numbers that others have had but I’m thrilled beyond measure. That’s 1725 more potential readers [...]

Jan 292013
One Small Touch - free for a limited time!

Don’t miss out! When the husband of famous writer – and his secret crush – Laurel Wentworth is found dead, Lt. Aaron March must use his hidden ability to see past events to not only solve a murder but also save both their lives.  

Jan 042013
Bookpulse is now one of my favorite things

Check out this great app I found for adding my books to my Facebook page! It’s called Bookpulse and it…well…how about I just show you? Pretty cool right? It’s got the blurb, first chapter excerpt and sales link right there! Plus people can leave reviews! And for $15 a year I’ll be able to lose [...]

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Dec 042012
Setting Goals

I like schedules. I like planning them, fitting in everything I need to accomplish and watching it gel together into a workable whole. Something inside me is centered when I finish a well thought out schedule. I stick with my shiny new schedule for a month or so until something happens and I get off-track. [...]

Nov 092012
One Small Touch update

The edits are back and the story is -mostly- finished. I say mostly because I want to give it one last cover to cover read-through. Speaking of the cover, I designed it myself. Yes, I said I was going to either hire a pro or get my friend Troy to do it, but I don’t [...]

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Nov 082012
NaNoWriMo derailed

The first day of Nano went well. I banged out the first chapter with relative ease. It was the second day when everything went to pieces. NaNoWriMo Fever turned into an actual fever. My entire family got sick November 2 and we’ve been fighting it off ever since. It’s been a pernicious illness that just [...]

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