Sunshine and happiness

I love sunroofs. I’d forgotten how much until our new Expedition came with one. We opened it up this morning and it was instant happiness. Instantly it was all the endless summer days of my childhood again. Sunshine filtered through leaves. A warm breeze. The faint scent of manure from the garden. All it needed … Read more

Free (and discounted) this weekend!

4.0 out of 5 stars – Song of the Fairy Queen, Epic Fantasy – March 26, 2013 I enjoy longer stories with a touch of paranormal and fantasy–this one had both. For those that enjoy a book that’s more of an “epic’ tale, you’ll love the book! This one has parts that made me sad, … Read more

The Source of Lightning Free Days | Alexandria Publishing Group

The Source of Lightning is free March 22-24 on Amazon. Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon DE Here’s a few excerpts from the reviews: “The story was well-written and well-researched; I had no trouble immersing myself in the world.” “Let me start by saying that this is a very good book. It is well plotted, well … Read more

Changing Expectations

Writing is a different experience for each author.  And you find your expectations for your book can change many times. While writing, while editing and even after you’ve released it on an unsuspecting public……err published it. With One Small Touch I didn’t know what to expect. The story changed every time I wrote. It started … Read more

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