May 312013
APG Promo Day - First an Announcement

Guess what! In June, APG ( is one! We’ve had a blast for this first year, bringing you some of the best indie writing out there, and next month, we’re going to do some really neat promotions and share some really nice things. And there’s a surprise competition with kick-ass prizes! Won’t you join us? [...]

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May 242013
APG Promo Day - Unsung Heroes of the APG

The Alexandria Publishing Group is much more than a group of writers. Members include cover artists, editors, promotional gurus and book formatters as well. This week I’m highlighting these fantastic people – people who don’t normally see the limelight – the unsung heroes of APG.     Rik Hall – If you’re looking to [...]

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May 222013
Recent updates

April held an unexpected surprise for my family. We got a terrific opportunity to move into a much larger house in an extremely nice neighborhood for roughly the same amount we had paying at the old place. No brainer right? So my April plans for doing Camp Nano were derailed while we packed and cleaned [...]

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May 172013
APG Promo Day - 2 More Great Books

Today I have a couple unique adventures. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.     A Midsummer Night Adventure by Paul Kater  only $0.99 on Amazon! Two old people in a home, waiting for the end of their lives. As time fleets by, they go on one last adventure, while the [...]

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May 102013
APG Promo Day - 2 great reads!

Irish Fling by Valerie Douglas. Only $.99 today on Amazon At a crossroads in her life and career, orphaned Alli Dearborn had always been the smart one. With near perfect recall, she accomplished a lot in a very short time. A meteoric rise led to an equally meteoric fall. With her life and career in [...]

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Apr 022013
Sunshine and happiness

I love sunroofs. I’d forgotten how much until our new Expedition came with one. We opened it up this morning and it was instant happiness. Instantly it was all the endless summer days of my childhood again. Sunshine filtered through leaves. A warm breeze. The faint scent of manure from the garden. All it needed [...]

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Mar 292013
Free (and discounted) this weekend!

4.0 out of 5 stars – Song of the Fairy Queen, Epic Fantasy – March 26, 2013 I enjoy longer stories with a touch of paranormal and fantasy–this one had both. For those that enjoy a book that’s more of an “epic’ tale, you’ll love the book! This one has parts that made me sad, [...]