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Dec 242012

OSTFlower2largeWhat a wonderful feeling! 12-12-12 I hit the publish button on Amazon, then I jumped up and started cleaning everything I could find. Nerves.

An hour later, my book was no longer In Review status but back in Draft. I waited a whole 10 minutes for an explanation from Amazon before trying to publish again. Yeah, I was impatient.

This happened twice more. I tried tweaking little things to see if it was a formatting error or I missed a check box. Finally, I went to bed hoping that by morning Amazon would have sent me an email. They did. In all the excitement I somehow neglected to put myself down as the author. How embarrassing.

My cheeks bright red, I fixed the error and published once more. Within an hour One Small Touch was available for purchase! I shouted my happiness in Facebook-land and celebrated with my family. I thought about writing a blog post but couldn’t settle down long enough to get the words down. I should have forced myself, by Friday evening I was horribly sick.

My husband is a remote technician and he brought back some sort of gnarly-oak funk from one of his facilities. It laid out the entire family for well over a week. We’re just now feeling mostly normal. The kids are still coughing but the awful energy drain, vomiting and fevers have abated. Yeah, it was a combination flu/bronchitis thing. Oddest mix of illness I’ve ever encountered.

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been able to update my website with a post about One Small Touch. It’s not that I didn’t love everyone. It’s because I literally couldn’t get out of bed for more than a moment of two for far too long.

Oh! The link!

One Small Touch available on Amazon today (and tomorrow and the next day and the next!)

Denise McGee

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