Story a week – May 29

You can see forever across a desert. The heat shimmers up from the ground in unending tan waves, broken by the occasional outcropping of rock or straight spear of a cactus. The sun hurts your eyes as you gaze upon the scrub and the sand. It’s too bright, with no clouds to break it’s assault … Read more

Story a Week – May 7

Kennedy nursed the back of her reddening hand and glared at Simon, daring him to laugh. He said, undeterred amusement coloring his voice, “If you didn’t flail your wand around like you’re swatting flies, that wouldn’t happen.” She transferred her glare to the offending twig she called her wand. Not much thicker than a reed, … Read more

Story a Day – May 2

“I can’t believe you did that!” Henrietta’s voice was half-laughing half-shocked. I shrugged, pulling from the parking lot. The act of tossing my milkshake onto the ice cream stand window, my wrong milkshake, was a brief impulse I’d already forgotten about. “It was strawberry,” was my only response. “I don’t think you were even mad. … Read more

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