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Song of the Fairy Queen Cover E-book4.0 out of 5 stars – Song of the Fairy Queen, Epic Fantasy – March 26, 2013
I enjoy longer stories with a touch of paranormal and fantasy–this one had both. For those that enjoy a book that’s more of an “epic’ tale, you’ll love the book!
This one has parts that made me sad, parts that made me smile, and parts that made me pull for the various characters.
There’s one thing that any book should do–it should make you feel. This book does that. You can’t help but pull for the Fairy Queen, Kyri, and for Morgan.


Click5.0 out of 5 stars – Click – A Sweet Romance –
A wonderful curl up and read book. March 28, 2013
Emily is in sales. After a to long trip home, and just wanting to see her boyfriend, She gets more then she bargained for. Robert owns his own business and still yearns for something more. He has met Emily in the elevator numerous times she has always been nice to him , not for who he is but because that is the way she is. A walk out into the rain changes everything for everyone. This is such a warm romance book. Curl up with and feel good with.
I really enjoyed the Characters and the storyline. Maybe one day I will get that “Click”!

Cooking Class cover$.99! Cooking Class – Erotic Romance
Sizzling Erotica At It’s Best!, March 28, 2013
Lily Cavanaugh is a Master Chef, Restaurant Owner, Cookbook Author. She has worked very hard to get to this point. Her one regret is Master Chef Evan Taylor. She worked in his restaurant,fell in love with him, dealt with his temper tantrums till one day he went to far. Lily walked and took her heart with her. She has never forgotten him or the heat she felt. One night while teaching a cooking class in walks Evan and his director of his new TV show, Dylan Bryant. Lily finds herself attracted to Dylan as much as she is to Evan. They have an offer or 2 that she can not pass up.
This book is Sizzling Hot!! The story line and characters draw you in and wham you are hooked. Lets not forget the(fans self)sex scenes, wonderfully written and stays right with the plot of this book. V.J. Devereaux aka Valerie Douglas is a Readers Dream Author, she writes so realistically that you can see every detail she vividly describes also feel what the characters feel. She never ceases to amaze me with what ever genre she writes! I Highly Recommend this Erotic M/F/M Book, you will not be disappointed!

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