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One year later

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Dec 062015
One year later

A lot has happened this past year, but it can be summed up in five words: I went back to work. In January of this year, I started a full-time position in a call center. The work itself isn’t too bad, I’m good at it at least which makes me less likely to be screamed […]

Wanting vs Needing – changing how you focus on goals

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Nov 142014
Wanting vs Needing - changing how you focus on goals

Waxing a little philosophical today. When you think in terms of “I want to” instead of “I have to” your whole attitude changes. It releases stress and makes you less likely to procrastinate on things you don’t really like to do. It’s all part of the ‘keeping your eye on the prize’ way of thinking. […]

Oct 232014
Guest Post - 3 Sinister Clues Your Website May Be Haunted

Yes, it’s the spooky season, but that’s no reason to fear your website. Is there an exorcism bill in your future? Let’s find out if you need to call…y’know… 1. Do you have feelings of dread in your login screen and dashboard? These feelings of dread when you log into your website usually come from […]

Oct 092014
Stupid Author Problems

I’ve been reading Alexandra Sokoloff’s blog series on Nanowrimo prep and the very first exercise completely threw me. (from her blog) ASSIGNMENT: List ten books and films that are similar to your own story in structure and/or genre (at least five books and three movies if you’re writing a book, at least five movies if […]

One Small Touch Availability

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Aug 092014
One Small Touch Availability

In case you missed it, and it would have been easy to do, I’m pleased to announce that One Small Touch in ebook form is no longer exclusively available on Amazon. It’s now available wherever ebooks are sold. If you like a vendor, and don’t see it listed, please let me know. Amazon iTunes Barnes […]

Why I love books on writing theory

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Jul 022014
Why I love books on writing theory

I may be odd, but I love reading books on writing theory. Part of this is because I have a need to know the ‘why’ of things. When I wrote One Small Touch is was completely by instinct. I’ve been a voracious reader my entire life and the ebb and flow of a story apparently […]

6 Things You Never Knew About Vampires

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Jun 282014
6 Things You Never Knew About Vampires

Stories about vampires have existed for a very long time. The Ancient Greek and Romans, Mesopotamians and even Hebrews had tales about demons or spirits who behaved much like the mythos of vampires today. Fangs weren’t prevalent in early vampire folklore. Placing seeds or sand on the ground near a grave of a suspected vampire […]

Mar 122014
Filling in the Blanks of My Life

I didn’t go to college after high school, although I took all the college prep classes. There were many reasons for this, chief among them a well-meaning but ineffectual guidance counselor with a cool new toy. He plunked me down at a computer (with dual floppies – this was 1985) and had me run a […]

12 x 12 by Kai Viola

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Feb 282014
12 x 12 by Kai Viola

One of the few things that people talk about, when talking about brand and social media is that it’s a minefield.  People talk about everything from being completely overwhelmed, to not knowing what to do with their profiles.  And so, I wrote 12 tutorials (and a couple of bonus exercises to help people. Each tutorial […]

Valerie Douglas, the Coming Storm

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Jan 102014
Valerie Douglas, the Coming Storm

Welcome to Valerie Douglas’ The Coming Storm Blog tour.  Check back to The Finishing Fairies daily to find out where she’ll appear next. Excerpt from The Coming Storm   At the end of the causeway she turned toward the Hunter’s and Woodsmen’s camp which was nestled between the castle and the river itself. Some were […]